Heather Marie wrote since a little girl. She attended The Young Author's Conference with her mother, sharing stories about unicorns. She grew up in a small town but her vision was always expanded to the greater beyond. 

Heather graduated from Indiana University with her BA in English and Psychology. She later pursued a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Ball State University. Now, she works as a part-time therapist. When she isn't working in community mental health, she writes young adult fantasy novels. 


In her spare time, Heather spoils her jack russell puppy.  She enjoys reading, drinking various teas,  listening to podcasts, watching anime, and playing RPG video games. Some might call her a nerd or otaku. Others might call her enlightened.  

Heather plans to complete a YA fantasy trilogy and publish it on Amazon. This would make her an indie author. Her upcoming series entitled Kindra may broaden into future novels set in the same universe.